New Jersey's A & P chain opened America's very first Shopping Mall Supermarket at Seattle, Washington's NORTHGATE CENTER. The store was dedicated on July 25, 1950. 
Graphic from The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

A circa-1880 A & P store. The grocer debuted in 1859, under the heading of Gilman & Company. A name change, to the Great American Tea Company, was done in 1863. This morphed into the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1869. In 1915, there were 16 hundred locations. By 1930, 16 thousand were in operation. During the 1950s, A & P entered a downward spiral, soon relinquishing its position as America's largest grocery chain. On November 25, 2015, the once-mighty grocer went out of business.
Photo from Wikipedia / Grubbxdn"

An example of a latter-day, mall-based A & P. This location opened, as part of Muscle Shoals, Alabama's SOUTHGATE MALL, in August 1968. The original complex also housed a Winn-Dixie supermarket.