New Jersey's A & P chain opened America's very first Shopping Mall Supermarket at Seattle, Washington's NORTHGATE CENTER. The store was dedicated on July 25, 1950. 
Graphic from The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

A circa-1880 A & P store. The grocer debuted in 1859, under the name Gilman & Company. A name change, to the Great American Tea Company, was done in 1863...morphing into the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1869. In 1915, there were 16 hundred locations. By 1930, 16 thousand were in operation. During the 1950s, A & P entered a downward spiral, soon relinquishing its position as America's largest grocery chain. On November 25, 2015, the once-mighty grocer went out of business.
Photo from Wikipedia / Grubbxdn"

An example of a latter-day, mall-based A & P. This location opened, as part of Muscle Shoals, Alabama's SOUTHGATE MALL, in August 1968. The original complex also housed a Winn-Dixie supermarket. This was one of the last American shopping malls to feature two grocery retailers under its roof. The Two Market Mall concept, widespread when malls first appeared in the 1950s, had become passe' by the mid-1960s. Read on...