DAYTON MALL in 1996. Penney's had just relocated from the west end of the mall into a newly-built store at front center. The old McCrory 5 & dime was now a 4-screen multiplex. On the periphery, the grand Southland 75, a cool, Mid-Century Modern drive-in, had been bulldozed. The land became too valuable to waste as an outdoor movie theater.

Today's Elder-Beerman, which was originally a J.C. Penney. It is quite ironic that Elder-Beerman is now part of DAYTON MALL. In 1969, the chain (then Dayton-based) was blocked, by Rike's / Federated Stores and the Edward J. Debartolo Corporation, from being included as a mall anchor. In the 21st century, Elder Beerman anchors the mall and Rike's (and Federated Stores) are gone and nearly forgotten!