Austin, Texas' Whole Foods Market chain began business in the capital city in 1980 and expanded into the Houston and Dallas markets in 1984. The company grew by acquisitions conducted between 1988 and 2007. Presently, there are two hundred and ninety-seven locations in the United States. The average store size is 47,300 square feet. Whole Foods Markets carry a more health-conscious selection of foods, including pesticide-free produce and PETA-friendly dairy and eggs.
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A depiction of the Whole Foods Market that opened at Paramus, New Jersey's OUTLETS AT BERGEN TOWN CENTER in March 2009. The store spans 77,000 square feet.

A 32,000 square foot Whole Foods Market was dedicated at Albany, New York's COLONIE CENTER in June 2014. The store was installed in a downsized Sears that has been in operation since 1966.