The Eastgate Theatre, a 1965 addition to Chattanooga's EASTGATE CENTER mall. This venue will be considered an At-Mall installation. Although a part of the mall structure, it did not connect with the interior mallway. Patrons entered its lobby from the parking area. The Eastgate Theatre was expanded into a tri-plex in the 1970s and was shuttered in 1993. Today, the structure houses a YMCA.

Des Moines' MERLE HAY PLAZA was enlarged with the Plaza Theatre in January 1966. This theater was also At-Mall in format. Like the Eastgate Theatre, it was physically part of its mother mall, but did not have a mallway entrance. Amazingly enough, the Plaza Theatre was never divided into a twin -or tri- -plex as so many of its contemporaries were during the 1970s. The Plaza was closed between 1987 and 1993. It re-opened but was permanently shuttered in December 2014.