A circa-1995 plan shows the anchor orientation of the newly-expanded shopping hub. Denver Dry Goods, on the north end, had closed due to a merger with May D & F in 1987. Mervyn's took the store space and lasted until early 2006. The May D & F, on the west end, had morphed into a Texas-based Foley's in 1993.

We present a cut-away view of the 3-tiered CITADEL complex. The original complex, indicated as J.C. Penney, was situated on 2 levels. With the mid-'80s expansion, on the left end, 2 levels were added; the lower of these being situated below the lower level of the existing mall. In essence, Level 2 is the only floor that extends from one end of the structure to the other.

A circa-2015 CITADEL plan. After the early 2006 demise of Mervyn's, the store was leased as a Burlington Coat Factory. The west anchor was "Macy-ated" in late 2006 only to close for good in early 2009. On the opposite end of the mall, Dillard's has just been demoted to a Clearance Center.