A circa-2015 physical layout of MALL ST. VINCENT. As one can see, the basic footprint of the shopping hub has not changed appreciably from the 1976 site plan. The most drastic change was the completion of the Interstate 49 expressway, which runs along the western perimeter of the shopping center site. This section of roadway opened to traffic in the early 1990s.

Southern and St. Vincent Avenues
Shreveport, Louisiana

The second regional-class shopping hub in Louisiana's Port City was built on a 37 acre site, located 1.9 miles south of downtown Shreveport. MALL ST. VINCENT was added to a 3-level (200,000 square foot) Sears, that had opened for business in 1961.

Des Moines' General Growth Management (General Growth Properties) developed MALL ST. VINCENT. The complex occupied the site of the St. Vincent's Academy, a parochial girl's school, which had been constructed in 1906. A new building, southeast of the original structure, was finished in 1962, with the circa-1906 building eventually being demolished.

Upon its completion in 1976, the fully-enclosed MALL ST. VINCENT was anchored by the aforementioned Sears, with a 2-level (148,000 square foot), Alexandria-based Wellan's on its north end. The shopping hub encompassed 545,600 leasable square feet and approximately sixty stores and services.

A Piccadilly Cafeteria was one of the mall's charter tenants. It was joined by the Saint Vincent 6 Theatres multiplex, which showed its first features in the early 1980s. This venue was shuttered in the year 2000.

In its early years, MALL ST. VINCENT endured varying degrees of competition from PIERREMONT MALL (1964) {1.3 miles southeast, in Shreveport}, SOUTHPARK MALL (1974) {4.9 miles southwest, also in Shreveport} and PIERRE BOSSIER ["bow-jur"] MALL (1982) {4 miles northeast, in Bossier City}.

General Growth Properties sold MALL ST. VINCENT in 1984 but bought back the property in October 1998. The Wellan's anchor store had been shuttered in the late 1980s. It sat vacant until being renovated into a Dillard's operation in the early 1990s. The mall was given a facelift at this time. A second mall remodeling was done in 2005.

By this time, MALL ST. VINCENT was becoming the preeminent shopping option in Greater Shreveport, trumping both the SOUTHPARK and PIERRE BOSSIER properties. However, two new open-air retail venues came on the scene early in the 21st century. UNIVERSITY PLACE {2.8 miles southeast, in Shreveport} was dedicated in 2001. THE OUTLETS AT LOUISIANA BOARDWALK {2.5 miles northeast, in Bossier City} opened its doors in 2005.

As a result of GGP's 2009-2010 bout with bankruptcy, MALL ST. VINCENT was bequeathed a new owner. An entity known as Rouse Properties was spun off from GGP in January 2012 and was charged with redeveloping several of GGP's former B-class malls.

A 16.5 million dollar renovation was announced in August 2013, which was completed in the spring of 2014. The entire west-facing facade of MALL ST. VINCENT was rebuilt, with much of its area redone in an exterior-entranced Streetscape motif. New floors, lighting and a water feature were installed in the mall's interior.

Existing store space was also reconfigured. Hibbett Sports moved to a new location, five spaces were merged into a (22,000 square foot) H & M and new tenants were signed, such as Cafe du Monde, Grimaldi's Brick Oven Pizza, J. Crew and P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

Rouse properties, and its portfolio of thirty-five shopping malls, was sold in July 2016. The buyer was Toronto's Brookfield Asset Management.


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