An early 2000s aerial view of VALLEY RIVER CENTER. With a GLA of over 900,000 square feet, it was the Beaver State's fourth-largest shopping mall and the largest between Portland and San Francisco. As a matter of note, the three largest malls in the Beaver State were (and are) LLOYD CENTER {Portland}, WASHINGTON SQUARE {Tigard} and CLACKAMAS TOWN CENTER {Clackamas County}.
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Early 2009 was the last time that all of the mall's five anchor stores were operational. Macy's assumed the Meier & Frank space in May 2006. The "Bon-Macy's" spot housed Gottschalks between September 2006 and January 2009. A Regal 15-plex replaced an abandoned Montgomery Ward in March 2007. Lastly, Lipmans / Lamonts was leased as a Sports Authority between November 2006 and July 2016.