A circa-1989 SOUTHGATE MALL logo.
Graphic from The Milwaukee Journal

In April 1993, the mall's 29-year old, single-screen theater was replaced by the Cinemark Movies 10. The megaplex was rebranded by Marcus Theaters in 1998.
Photo from www.labelscar.com / John Gallo

After several years of decline, SOUTHGATE MALL was demolished in the summer of 1999. The aforementioned cinema and south store block (seen here) were left standing.
Photo from www.loopnet.com

We wrap up our SOUTHGATE segment with an aerial plan of today's SOUTHGATE MARKETPLACE. Three structures remaining from SOUTHGATE MALL are surrounded in blue. The large building in the center of the site is occupied by WalMart. This store opened in 2001 and was enlarged in 2009.
Original photo from www.googleearth.com