1969 and WASHINGTON SQUARE is enlarged into a 532,500 square foot shopopolis. Sears was joined by a second anchor, Louisville-based Stewart's. The complex was to prosper, as the only mall in the region, until the early 1980s.

A rendering of the south anchor of WASHINGTON SQUARE, which was originally built to house a branch of Louisville's Stewart Dry Goods. That store opened in 1969. The building is depicted here as it appeared during its 6-year stint as an Indianapolis-based L.S. Ayres, which rebranded the Stewart's store in 1985.

Meanwhile, a new "Eville" shopping facility had opened in 1982. The completion of EASTLAND MALL resulted in WASHINGTON SQUARE being given a comprehensive remodeling. Sears was enlarged, a food court installed in previously-existing are and inline store space was added to the east side of the structure. The interior and exterior were also given a face lift.