An aerial view of the shopping center. This was taken after the twin-screen Cinema I & II (at top center) was built.
Photo from / David Gwynn

The exterior of the facility; which was the third shopping mall developed by the James W. Rouse Company. Much to Mr. Rouse's chagrin, Asheville-based The Bon Marche was only in business for a few years after the mall's 1959 debut. The vacant store was eventually retenanted by Charlotte-based Ivey's.
Photo from / David Gwynn

The Central Mall at CHARLOTTETOWN. The area was decked-out with flora, fauna and a fountain. There were also rocket ship-shaped bird aviaries and an S & W Silver Grill snack bar (which is seen on the right).
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot

A vintage view of the Central Mall. A stairway ascends to the upper level S & W Cafeteria. An Ivey's nameplate is seen in the distance.
Photo from Ruth Burts Interiors