By 1993, KARCHER MALL tenants included the aforementioned Bon Marche, as well as Troutman's Emporium ("The Emporium"), The Hub Clothing, PayLess Drug, Sears Catalog & Appliance and an F.W. Woolworth 5 & 10.
Graphic from / "ky24941" 

In a 2013 layout, we see that the mall is populated by stores such as Macy's Clearance Center, Burlington Coat Factory, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Big 5 Sporting Goods. A standard Macy's, which replaced "The Bon" in the early 2000s, shut down in October 2009. The large peripheral structure on the right was built, in 1976, as an Ernst Home Center. It closed in 1997 and, at the time of this plan, housed a Big Lots.

This standard Macy's was a part of KARCHER MALL for nearly 5 years. A Macy's Clearance Center in another section of the mall was in operation for an additional 4 years, but went dark in October 2014. Both of these spaces have since been retenanted.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Caldorwards4"