North Maple Avenue and Disk Drive
Rapid City, South Dakota

Named after the iconic national monument, RUSHMORE MALL was built on 68.5 acres, located 2.7 miles north of downtown Rapid City. The site was adjacent to the Interstate 90 expressway, which had opened to traffic in 1962.

The single-level complex was built by the Des Moines-based General Growth Development Corporation (the mother company of today's GGP Inc). In its original incarnation, RUSHMORE MALL encompassed approximately 613,500 leasable square feet.

There were three anchors. A 1-level (89,900 square foot) J.C. Penney opened for business on August 9, 1978. A 1-level (43,300 square foot), St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Herberger's and 1-level (124,200 square foot) Sears were dedicated -along with the mall- on September 20, 1978.

Charter inline stores included Motherhood Maternity, Spencer Gifts, Fish Here Pets, Toy Fair, Mr. Mark, Zales Jewelers, The Gap, and an F.W. Woolworth 5 & 10 . The Commonwealth Amusements Rushmore 3 Cinemas, an in-mall venue, showed its first features on March 15, 1979.

RUSHMORE MALL was expanded in the early 1980s. A 1-level (101,500 square foot) Target discount mart and 20,000 square feet of new inline store space were added. The expansion, completed in July 1982, increased the mall's GLA to approximately 735,000 square feet.

A second enlargement was dedicated in 1993. It added a 1-level (88,900 square foot) Herberger's (which replaced a smaller store) and 14,000 square feet of inline store space. Fargo-based Scheels All Sports occupied the original Herberger's spot.

The 3-plex cinema had been shuttered in 1990. Its space was rebuilt as the 12-bay Cafe Court fast food complex. A new theatrical venue was also built in the northeastern periphery of the mall. The Carmike Rushmore Cinema 7 showed its first features in 1995. RUSHMORE MALL now encompassed around 837,500 leasable square feet and housed ninety-three stores and services.

In December 1997, a 50 / 50 joint venture of the Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group and Santa Monica-based Macerich Company was announced. The two real estate titans acquired the twelve-property portfolio of the IBM Corporation's Pension Fund. Included in the transaction was RUSHMORE MALL. Macerich would oversee its management.

For many years, RUSHMORE MALL enjoyed its status as the only regional-class shopping venue in western South Dakota. This situation came to an end in the fall of 2008, with the dedication of RUSHMORE CROSSING {.7 mile southeast, in Rapid City}.

This open-air, "lifestyle district" snatched Target from RUSHMORE MALL. The store shut down October 7, 2008, with Scheels All Sports also moving to RUSHMORE CROSSING.

The Target space would be vacant for several years. Talk of Dillard's as a replacement was just that. A more concrete proposal, involving Marshall, Minnesota-based Runnings Farm & Fleet didn't pan out either. The vacant Scheels was eventually carved up five ways. The largest space opened, as a (15,000 square foot) Planet Fitness, in December 2015.

Meanwhile, the joint venture between the Macerich Company and Simon Property Group had been dissolved as of January 1, 2012, with Simon assuming management of RUSHMORE MALL. In May 2014, they created a spin-off Real Estate Investment Trust.

Known as the Washington Prime Group, it assumed ownership of forty-four of Simon's "Grade B" retail centers, with RUSHMORE MALL included in the conversion. In early 2015, the newly-formed Washington Prime Group merged with Columbus, Ohio's Glimcher Realty Trust.

J.C. Penney moved into the mall's vacant Target space on February 27, 2015. They operated there until March 11, 2016, when a renovation of their original RUSHMORE MALL store was completed. Soon after, a permanent tenant was secured for the Target spot. Plano, Texas' At Home, a home decor superstore, renovated the building and held a grand opening on June 30, 2016.

This store's dedication was followed by a rebranding of the mall-adjacent multiplex. It morphed into the AMC Classic Rushmore Mall 7 in December 2016. In April 2018, the mall's Sears closed, leaving a large vacancy on the east end of the complex. Another empty space was created on the northwest corner. Herberger's closed in June 2018, after maintaining a RUSHMORE MALL presence for over 39 years.


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