Here we see the main shopping concourse, which was promoted as a "breathtaking quarter mile arcade". The storefront of the "J.C. Penney Co." is seen on the left. It was a so-called "dry goods only" operation, that was later expanded to a full-line store.
Photo from / "The History of River Roads Mall"

An interior view of the posh Pavilion. This formal, sit-down restaurant was part of the Stix Baer & Fuller anchor store.
Photo from Flickr / Dwayne Pounds

Another vintage photo shows the mall's Woolworth 5 & 10. In 1962, this 2-level store, which encompassed 62,000 square feet, was reputed to be the 5 & dime chain's largest shopping center location. It included a Harvest House Cafeteria.
Photo from Michael Allen