Lindbergh Boulevard / US 67 and Old Jamestown Road
Saint Louis County, Missouri

Ground was broken for the fifth regional shopping mall in Greater Saint Louis on September 29, 1972. JAMESTOWN MALL, in the far "North County" area, was built on a portion of a 140 acre tract. This was located 16 miles northwest of center city Saint Louis, in an unincorporated section of St. Louis County.

The single-level shopping venue was developed by Cleveland's Jacobs, Visconsi, Jacobs Company and designed by Los Angeles' Morganeli-Huemann Associates. Encompassing 682,200 leasable square feet, JAMESTOWN MALL was anchored by a 2-level (192,700 square foot) Sears and 4-level (223,000 square foot), Saint Louis-based Stix, Baer & Fuller. Sears began business October 14, 1973; the Stix store opened its doors February 4, 1974.

A tenant roster of seventy-eight stores and services included Forum Cafeteria, Walgreen Drug, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Camelot Music, Davy Jones' Locker, Foxmoor Casuals, Size 5-7-9 Shops, Casual Corner, The Limited and The Orange Bowl.

There were also Baker's Shoes, Swiss Colony, Spencer Gifts, Merry-Go-Round, Sam Goody Music, Pass Pets, Pier One Imports and Aladdin's Castle video arcade. The General Cinema Corporation Jamestown Mall Cinema I & II made its debut on July 12, 1974.

The Famous-Barr chain announced plans for a new JAMESTOWN MALL store in April 1992, which would anchor a major expansion of the shopping hub. After delays, construction got underway in late 1993. The 2-level (164,500 square foot) Famous-Barr, which held its grand opening July 30, 1994, replaced a circa-1955 operation at Jennings' NORTHLAND CENTER.

Famous-Barr at JAMESTOWN MALL was joined by a 2-level (123,900 square foot) J.C. Penney, which welcomed its first shoppers on April 29, 1995. The new anchors -and their twenty-three store East Wing- increased the GLA of JAMESTOWN MALL to 1,010,400 square feet. The retail roster now listed ninety-two stores and services.

Anchor store conversions at JAMESTOWN MALL consisted of Dillard's acquiring -and rebranding- Stix, Baer & Fuller in 1984, J.C. Penney reducing their full-line location to an Outlet Store, in 1999, Macy's rebranding Famous-Barr, in 2006, and the J.C. Penney Outlet Store becoming a JC's 5 Star outlet, in 2013.

RIVER ROADS MALL (1962) {6 miles south, in Jennings} had been razed in 2006-2007. With one of its competitors out of the picture, JAMESTOWN MALL still faced SAINT LOUIS MILLS (2003) {8.8 miles southwest, in Hazelwood}.

JAMESTOWN was in a pronounced state of decline by this time. The New York City-based Carlyle Development Group acquired the property in June 2003. A 120 million "mixed-use commerce center" redevelopment was announced in mid-2008.

The Stix / Dillard's, which had been vacated in June 2006, was to be converted to office spaces and the bulk of the mall demolished and replaced by a new urbanism-style town center, tentatively known as LINDBERGH PLACE.

Demolition of the moribund mall was to begin in early 2009. However, the shuttering of Sears' JAMESTOWN store, in January 2009, presented a redevelopment stumbling Moreover, St. Louis County supervisors heard that developers were clandestinely attempting to auction off the Stix / Dillard's structure, which was supposed to serve as the center of the mall's rebirth. The county withdrew its 40 million dollar tax abatement.

The redevelopment project regained momentum in May 2011. MFC Real Estate foreclosed on the shopping center in November 2011 and eventually put the complex on the open market. There were no buyers.

The J.C. Penney Outlet Store, which was rebranded as a JC's 5 Star Outlet in 2013, ended up closing late in the same year. Just one anchor, Macy's, remained in business, but this was shuttered in March 2014.

At this time, the entire Southwest Wing was closed to the public. There were twenty stores and services in operation, with approximately seventy-two vacant spaces. The entire mall was permanently shuttered July 1, 2014.

Officials of St. Louis County unveiled a prototype redevelopment plan for the JAMESTOWN MALL site in May 2016. A mixed-use venue was envisaged, which would include shoppes, restaurants and town homes. It was hoped that all land parcels comprising the mall could be brought under county ownership.

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