The prestige of EASTGATE CENTER slipped considerably after the dedication of the too-close-for-comfort WASHINGTON SQUARE, in April 1974. EASTGATE, struggling considerably, was acquired by Indy's Melvin Simon & Associates. They renovated and remarketed the property. A name change, to EASTGATE CONSUMER MALL, was instituted in August 1982.
Graphic from Melvin Simon & Associates (Simon Property Group) 

The new EASTGATE CONSUMER MALL featured just one store from the original complex...F.W. Woolworth. The remaining forty-three tenant spaces were leased to value-oriented retailers such as Burlington Coat Factory, GNC Value, Front Row, Off The Rax  and The Fashion Outlet. Factoring in the 14-bay Food Court, the ECM spanned approximately 320,000 leasable square feet.

Above, we have a LabelScar view of the latter-day EASTGATE MALL. A tenant since 1983, Dunham's Sporting Goods went dark in January 2003. By this time, the complex was operating on life support.
Photo from / "Prange Way"