The typical mall was now being derided for its generic looks, sameness and predictability. A center in Maine would invariably have the same stores and fast food eateries as one in Southern California, Kansas City or Seattle. Moreover, the new-style "Anytown USA" mall would look pretty much the same no matter where it was located.

One last impression here...back in the mid-century years, the typical shopping mall was designed utilizing the latest trends in "ultra-modern" architecture. Mall photos from this era show stunning, futuristic and unique design. Unfortunately, such architecture -now referred to as "Mid-Century Modern"- has been all but obliterated by numerous renovations and "facelifts" performed on a mall over the years.

A lot of this damage was done during the 1980s and '90s when newly-built and remodeled shopping malls became truly UGLY in appearance. The rush to embrace so-called "Post-modern" architecture created the generic "Anytown USA" mall derided above. I suppose the one saving grace here is that this type of architecture -with its gaudy-glizty, faux fancy look- is now deemed passe' and is being ripped out and replaced by the more attractive mall architecture of the 21st century.