Zooming up to the post-war period, we come to the new-fangled, regional-class shopping center, with its large, multi-story department stores and acres of free parking. In this snapshot is Von's (spelled with an apostrophe in 1947), which was a charter tenant at Los Angeles' BROADWAY-CRENSHAW CENTER.
Photo from http://s11.photobucket.com / "DCGrocery"

Another innovative, post-war retail hub was Chicagoland's PARK FOREST PLAZA. In this exterior view, we see its Jewel Tea Company supermarket, which opened in 1950. The store, and shopping center, were noteworthy at the time for having central air-conditioning.
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot

An interior view of a mid-century market, from January 1957.
Photo from Library of Congress / Thomas O'Halloran