The Publix chain began with a store in Winter Haven, Florida...which opened for business April 19, 1930. A corporate headquarters was established in Lakeland, Florida, in 1951. The chain expanded into the South Florida market in 1959. Out-of-state stores opened in Georgia (in 1991), South Carolina (in 1993), Alabama (in 1996) and Tennessee (in 2002). Today, there are one thousand eighty-six locations. The store seen above opened, in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1963 as a freestanding structure. It was joined by the GATEWAY MALL, dedicated in March 1968.


*CORAL RIDGE PLAZA, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1962) [outparcel]
*HOLLYWOOD MALL, Hollywood, FL (1964)
*NORTHWOOD MALL, Tallahassee, FL (1969)