Holding the title of America's largest supermarket chain until 1965, Montvale, New Jersey-based A & P currently operates in a much smaller capacity. Over the past sixty years there have been enumerable restructures, consolidations and store closings. The chain was acquired by the Muhlheim, (West) Germany-based Tengelmann Group in 1979. At press time, there were three-hundred and twenty A & P stores operating under seven banners, with the extent of A & P's range being the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The logo seen above was officially adopted in 2006.
Graphic from http://www.aptea.com (The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company)

One of A & P's seven present-day divisions, Super Fresh, appeared in 1982. After a large retail retreat in 2011, Super Fresh operates twenty-four stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. The location seen above, at Greater Baltimore's HARUNDALE PLAZA, served customers between December 1999 and July 2011.