At this juncture, it might help to differentiate between the two types of motion picture theater models that would be utilized by shopping mall developers during the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

The first type of Shopping Mall Cinema we have encountered could be classed as an AT-MALL type of theater. It could be built as a freestanding structure in the periphery of the main mall or be constructed as part of said structure but not have a direct connection into the main corridor or mallway. NORTHGATE THEATRE {Seattle, Washington} and THE CINEMA {Framingham, Massachusetts} would fit this model.

As we progress through this MALL HALL OF FAME feature, we will encounter the second type of Shopping Mall Cinema...the IN-MALL type. As its name implies, the IN-MALL cinema is incorporated directly into its mother mall and has a direct connection to the it open-air or fully-enclosed.