Macy's fifth New York division branch was its first shopping mall-format store. It anchored Long Island's ROOSEVELT FIELD CENTER and was dedicated in August 1956. In mid-2017, after a corporate buyout, regional department store rebranding blitz, and slews of store closings, Macy's Inc. operates Macy's-branded mercantiles in forty-five states. There are also Macy's stores in Guam and Puerto Rico.
Photo from Library of Congress

Boston's William Filene & Sons (Filene's) traced its beginning back to 1881. The flagship store seen above was dedicated in 1912 and expanded in the late 1920s.
Photo from Library of Congress / Carol M. Highsmith

John Wanamaker's first store -the Grand Depot- opened in conjunction with the nation's Centennial celebration, in Philadelphia, in 1876. It was housed in an abandoned railroad station that had been rehabilitated into a retail store.
Photo from the Pennsylvania State Archives

Above we see the opulent Grand Court of Wanamaker's Center City Philadelphia flagship. Completed in 1911, the massive structure was reputed to be one the most beautiful department stores in the world.
Photo from Library of Congress / Carol M. Highsmith