New York City's W.T. Grant company unveiled Grant City, its discount mart spin, in 1965. Its stores fell in the 60,000 to 150,000 square foot range and would include housewares, large appliances, shoes, apparel, toys and hobbies, records, electronics, hardware and furniture. Several locations would also house a Bradford Room Restaurant with a freestanding -or attached- Auto Center also on the premises.

At its zenith in the early 1970s, the chain operated five hundred eighty-one Grant City stores throughout the United States. Unfortunately, Grants' entry into the discount mart field had been too slow, allowing older competitors, such as Kmart, to gain a competitive advantage.

The once-mighty Grants chain was brought down in -what was- the largest retail failure in US history. Store closings commenced in late 1974, with the final locations locking the doors March 26, 1976.


*TWIN CENTERS MALL, Oxnard, CA (1966)
*MERIDEN MALL, Meriden, CT (1969)
*FRANKLIN MALL, Washington, PA (1973)