Cincinnati's Federated Stores brought out their Worthington, Ohio-based Gold Circle discount division in early 1968. It was followed by Gold Triangle, a Miami-based offshoot, in the fall of 1969.

On the average, Gold Circle / Gold Triangle stores encompassed from 100,000 to 125,000 square feet. Gold Circle operations featured lines of small and major appliances, electronics, cameras, sporting goods, housewares, apparel, shoes, hardware, home improvement and garden supplies. Some locations featured a supermarket, often a Kroger. Gold Triangle stores were oriented toward small and major appliances, electronics, cameras, etcetera.

Federated Stores merged with the Atlanta-based Rich's chain in October 1976, taking on its Richway discount division in the process. The six Gold Triangle stores in Florida were shuttered in early 1982, with five being re-opened as Richway locations the following fall.

In 1986, forty-five Gold Circle and thirty-one Richway stores were joined into a single, Worthington-based operation, with each chain retaining its nameplate identity. The end came under the auspices of Robert Campeau, the retail corporate raider, who sold off the discount divisions in September 1988 in an attempt to bolster his financially-strapped Federated chain.


*SKYLAKE MALL, Dade County, FL (1970) [Gold Triangle]
*WESTERVILLE MALL, Westerville, OH (1974) [Gold Circle]
*BEECHMONT MALL, Hamilton County, OH (1982) [Gold Circle]