Devised as a deep discount division of New York City-based Allied Stores, Almart joins the list of the many discount mart chains that opened for business during the pivotal retail year of 1962. Intended to be pronounced as "Al" [as in "Pal"] "mart", the store's name often ended up being uttered "Allmart".

Anyway, Almart -along with its sibling store chain J.B. Hunter- had thirteen locations in the neighborhood of 100,000 to 120,000 square feet. Almart operated in -or around- cities such as Wilmington, DE, Bethlehem, PA, Lynchburg, VA, Albany, NY, Louisville, KY and Youngstown, OH. J.B. Hunter had operations in South Florida, Virginia, Rochester, NY and Knoxville and Memphis, TN.

Following years of unsuccessful competition with several up and coming discount chains, Almart and J.B. Hunter stores were sold to Montgomery Ward in 1979. The last locations were shuttered in mid-1980, with some re-opening under the auspices of Ward's new Jefferson Ward chain.


*CONCORD MALL, New Castle County, DE (1969) [Almart]
*NORTHWAY MALL, Albany County, NY (1970) [Almart]
*MIDWAY MALL, Dade County, FL (1970) [J.B. Hunter]
*MILITARY CIRCLE CENTER, Norfolk, VA (1970) [J.B. Hunter]