Our next four images are visual representations of the various international Woolworth companies. The graphic above is the trademark of Woolworths Company (UK and Ireland). It was a variety store chain not unlike the American parent. It went out of business in 2009.
Graphic from www.woolworths.co.uk  

Deutsche Woolworth GmbH & Company (Germany and Austria) is another variety store chain, which is still in operation. It was a subsidiary of the American parent company until 1998.
Graphic from www.woolworth.de   

Woolworths Limited (Australia) is a supermarket-centered company with a "Big W" discount retail division. The Oz-based Woolworths was never affiliated with the American Woolworth operation.
Graphic from www.woolworths.com.au

Woolworths Holdings, Limited (South Africa) operates retail stores and supermarkets and was, also, never a subsidiary of the American company.
Graphic from www.woolworths.co.za