John Josiah Newberry began his employment with the S.H. Kress 5 & 10 chain in 1899. In 1911, he resigned and -on December 26th- commenced operation of his first J.J. Newberry 5 & 10 store, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Hested-Lee Stores of Omaha was absorbed in June 1960, but continued to operate under the Hesteds nameplate. There were Hesteds in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota and Iowa.

By 1966, there were Newberrys stores in forty-five states. Thirty Canadian variety stores were purchased in March 1967 and rebranded as J.J. Newberry locations.

Newberrys had introduced a more upscale junior department store division in November 1962. Known as Britts, it took the name of a Spokane-based dime store chain that the Newberry Company had absorbed in December 1928. This second generation Britts division went out of business in 1982.

McCrory Stores acquired the Newberrys chain in September 1972, but continued to operate stores under the J.J. Newberry, Britts and Hesteds banners. Waves of consolidation and shuttering followed. Hesteds stores were shuttered in early 1977. The remaining Newberrys locations were out of business by September 2001.

Newberry's "newly-enlarged super store", in Worcester, Massachusetts, is illustrated on this vintage postcard.
Graphic from the Boston Public Library 

J.J. Newberry opened a location at America's very first shopping mall, Seattle's NORTHGATE CENTER, in April 1950. Above, we see the GULFGATE SHOPPING CITY operation, in Houston, Texas. It opened for business in September 1956.
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot

This Newberrys opened -as an outparcel of Portland, Oregon's LLOYD CENTER- in August 1960. It would be the last Newberrys store to close; this taking place in September 2001.
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot