A Ben Franklin variety store in Middlebury, Vermont. This chain, which encompassed two thousand five hundred stores at its peak, is the only mercantile remotely resembling a 5 & 10 that is still in business today.
Photo from Wikipedia / "PenelopeIsMe"

The Wal-Mart (Walton's) Mother Store, in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Bobak Ha' Eri"

The Duckwall's chain originated with a store called The Racket, in Abilene, Kansas.
Photo from http://www.kshs.org / David Haury

A mid-20th century Duckwall's trademark.

A latter-day Duckwall's store, in Brush, Colorado. The variety store end of the Duckwall-ALCO corporation folded in January 2011.
Photo from Wikipedia / L.T. Hanlon

The ALCO Stores trademark, circa-2000.

An ALCO store in Vermillion, Ohio, which is in the midst of a going out of business sale. The final operational ALCO stores were shuttered in March 2015.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Niceckhart"

A collection of Sprouse-Reitz print ad logos, spanning from 1949 to 1989.

Lastly, we see a Laguna, California Sprouse-Reitz store, as it appeared in 1939. This 5 & dime chain was in business between 1909 and 1994.
Photo the Laguna Historical Society