An indirect descendant of the 5 & 10 store are today's Dollar General and Family Dollar operations. Although differing greatly from a standard 5 & dime of days gone by, the "dollar store" of the 21st century does carry a lot of the same type of merchandise...albeit within a much smaller footprint.

Whereas a 5 & 10 might have encompassed 20 to 60,000 square feet on 2 floors, today's typical Dollar General or Family Dollar envelops a modest 7,000 square feet on a single level.

Missing in the new age "small-box discount retail" concept are the trusty 5 & 10 luncheonette, front entrance candy counter (with clerk) and pet department complete with live fish, birds and reptiles.

The Dollar General Store story began with the chain's first mercantile, which opened, in June 1955, in Scottville, Kentucky. At last count, there were stores in thirty-five states.

Family Dollar originated, with a store in Charlotte, North Carolina, in November 1959. In the present day, the chain operates in forty-four states.