Chucktown's ASHLEY PLAZA was developed in four phases. The first, comprised of J.M. Fields and Pantry Pride, was completed in the mid-1960s (this shown in black). Condon's (in dark gray) was added in 1970. In 1972, these store blocks were joined by a fully-enclosed mall (in medium gray). The fourth phase consisted of a movie theater, the Ashley Plaza Cinema I & II, which was dedicated in 1973.

The section of ASHLEY PLAZA MALL completed in 1972 included a Charleston Heights-based Edward's 5 & 10. Here we see a 1930s postcard depiction of an Edward's store. The chain, which had its beginnings in 1926, was absorbed into Nashville, Tennessee's Kuhn's-Big K conglomerate in September 1977.
Drawing from The Boston Public Library