North Stadium Boulevard and West Worley Street
Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri is situated 111 miles west of St. Louis and 119 miles east of Kansas City. The second fully-enclosed shopping hub in the region, BISCAYNE MALL, was built on a 32 acre parcel, located 2.3 miles northwest of the center city.

Built by New Jersey's Donald L. Hanson, under the auspices of Hanson Development, BISCAYNE MALL encompassed 270,000 leasable square feet and housed twenty-seven stores and services under its roof. The single-level complex was anchored by a 1-level (80,000 square foot) Woolco discount mart and 1-level (81,300 square foot) Montgomery Ward.

The first business to operate at the mall site, a freestanding McDonald's Restaurant, opened February 1, 1972. The mall proper, including Montgomery Ward, was dedicated February 23 of the same year. Orville E. Hobart, Mayor of Columbia, officiated at the grand opening of the shopping complex. He and Mrs. Kit Pace, the spouse of the manager of Montgomery Ward, cut the ceremonial ribbon. The Woolco store was inaugurated March 15th.

The 4 million dollar mall featured House of Fabrics, Wyatt's Cafeteria, Glover the Clothier, Cloud 9 Gifts, Ann's Fashion Center, the Stag Shop, a Kroger supermarket and SupeRx Drugs. The Jerry Lewis 1-2-3 cinema was only in operation for a short time before it was renamed the American Cinema Corporation Biscayne Cinema III.

During the early years, BISCAYNE MALL had just one major competitor. PARKADE PLAZA {1.4 miles northeast, in Columbia} had been dedicated in March 1965.

In January 1983, the BISCAYNE MALL Woolco was shuttered. The store space was leased as an early shopping mall-format Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, a formidable retail rival was being built. COLUMBIA MALL {located directly across West Worley Street, in Columbia} was completed in October 1985. By the late 1980s, BISCAYNE MALL was in a pronounced state of decline.

In January 1990, the struggling shopping center was in receivership. The following August, it was acquired by the Columbia-based Kroenke Group. Wal-Mart had considered replacing their aging store with a new SuperCenter in the summer of 1994, but abandoned this least for the time being. 

The mall's downward spiral was exacerbated by the shuttering of Montgomery Ward, on June 15, 1997. The store space sat vacant for over 2 years. It was reoccupied, in September 1999, by a Call To Serve International Warehouse. However, this was shuttered in October 2001.

In January 2002, it was announced that a 2-level (140,000 square foot), St. Louis-based Famous-Barr would be built on the south end of the BISCAYNE MALL site. The mall was demolished, leaving Wal-Mart temporarily standing.

Famous-Barr opened for business November 15, 2003. This new store was incorporated into an upscale power center, whose first section was completed in May 2005. It housed a (19,200 square foot) Old Navy, (8,300 square foot) David's Bridal, (10,000 square foot) Shoe Carnival and (28,100 square foot) Linens 'N Things.

Famous-Barr was "Macy-ated" February 1, 2006. On October 18, the old BISCAYNE MALL Wal-Mart relocated into a (173,000 square foot) SuperCenter, which was built on a site located  .4 mile southwest.

The old Woolco / Wal-Mart, the last remnant of BISCAYNE MALL, fell to the wrecking ball in 2007. It was replaced by a 2-level (64,500 square foot) Dick's Sporting Goods and (17,100 square foot) PetSmart These were dedicated between March 2009 and July 2010.

Linens 'N Things had been shuttered in late 2008. The store re-opened, as a Bed, Bath & Beyond, in December 2010. Macy's closed for good March 20, 2016.

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