A late 1998 plan shows that the footprint of EASTERN HILLS MALL is unchanged from the 1987 layout. A new Lechmere store was announced in September 1995 but never built. There had been changes, nonetheless. Woolworth's spot had housed a Waccamaw's HomePlace (the store closed in February). Sibley's was now Kaufmann's, AM&A's was The Bon Ton and Jenss had become a Burlington Coat Factory.

This logo was in use by late 2003. It was commissioned by the Mountain Development Corporation, who had acquired the mall in July. They were soon to embark on a complete renovation and repositioning of the shopping hub, which had been in a slump since the early 1990s.
Graphic from http://shopeasternhills.com (website on Internet Archive Wayback Machine) 

A circa-2005 view of the renovated Center Court.
Photo from http://shopeasternhills.com (website on Internet Archive Wayback Machine). 

Along with renovating the interior of EASTERN HILLS MALL and retenanting vacant store spaces, the Mountain Development Corporation remodeled all mall entrances.
Photo from Wikipedia / "KCin716"