A northward view of the central court (Tropical Garden) area, on the mall's lower level. The decor was added as part of a 1988 facelift.
Photo from http://www.flickr.com / "Joe Architect"

The west end of the upper level mallway. Originally, the area in the background was the east end of the mall's Woolco.
Photo from http://www.flickr.com / "Joe Architect"

A 2001 site plan, showing the mall as it was configured in its final stage as a retail center. Later in the year, Roanoke-based Advanced Auto Parts would open their first suite of offices, in a space vacated by Waccamaw's HomePlace.

A contemporary shot of the southeast corner of the complex, which is now known as the CROSSROADS CORPORATE BUSINESS PARK. The world headquarters for Advance Auto Parts now inhabit the entirety of the Lower Level.
Photo from Roanoke County, Virginia