Electric and Ogden Roads
Roanoke County, Virginia

Virginia's Thomas "T.D." Steele developed the first two shopping malls in the Roanoke Valley. CROSSOROADS MALL (1961) was built north of the Independent City of Roanoke. The second property, TANGLEWOOD MALL, was developed on 58.6 acres, located 3.2 miles southwest of the downtown area. The site was just outside the "Independent City" limits and entirely within Roanoke County.

Dedicated March 28, 1973, TANGLEWOOD MALL encompassed approximately 712,300 leasable square feet. The original anchors of the 2-level, fully-enclosed complex were a 1-level (99,500 square foot) Woolco, 2-level (109,000 square foot), Danville, Virginia-based Leggett and 2-level (140,000 square foot) J.C. Penney.

The tenant list of over one hundred stores and services included a (35,000 square foot) Miller & Rhoads, plus Chess King, Ford's Shoes, First Federal Savings & Loan, Lane Bryant, World Bazaar and K & W Cafeteria. On the upper level was The French Quarter, a New Orleans-themed mall within a mall, and G.C. Murphy 5 & 10.

In 1975, a 1-level (87,000 square foot) Convenience Center was added east of the mall proper. This featured a (30,900 square foot) Kroger supermarket and SupeRx Drugs. The General Cinema Corporation Tanglewood Mall Cinema I-II-III showed its first features in 1980.

The Woolco space was vacated in January 1983, but retenanted in the following year. On its west end, a (50,000 square foot), Elkin, North Carolina-based Brendle's Catalog Showroom was created. This was joined by a (30,000 square foot) T.J. Maxx. The remainder of the area became an extended mall corridor flanked by eleven inline stores.

For many years, TANGLEWOOD had been the preeminent shopping mall in Greater Roanoke. This changed in 1985, with the completion of VALLEY VIEW MALL {4.8 miles north, in Roanoke City}. 

As a keeping up with VALLEY VIEW MALL measure, TANGLEWOOD was given its first makeover, which replaced its '70s mod decor with an '80s pastel palette. Moreover, an 8-bay Food Court was installed in Upper Level space vacated by G.C. Murphy in 1979. 

In late 1995, T.J. Maxx expanded its store into the mall's Upper Level. Jacksonville, Florida-based Stein Mart also set up shop in remodeled area on both levels. By late 1996, the Brendle's space was vacant. Charlotte-based Belk rebranded the Leggett store in February 1997 and the 3-screen cinema, in the east end Convenience Center, was replaced by the Carmike 10. This multiplex showed its first features in August 1998.

A mall renovation got underway in 2005. During this project, the Brendle's / T.J. Maxx area was reconfigured into three big box-type stores. A (41,800 square foot) T.J. Maxx was dedicated in August 2006. A (22,600 square foot), Staples and relocated (36,700 square foot) Stein Mart opened in February and June 2007, respectively.

On the east end of the mall, the Convenience Center was renovated. Kroger enlarged their store to 55,100 square feet, with Barnes & Noble occupying 25,000. One might have blinked twice and missed the Steve & Barry's University Sportswear at TANGLEWOOD MALL. The (48,000 square foot) store opened, on the west end of the Upper Level, in November 2006 and closed, along with the entire chain, in late 2008.

Likewise, Knoxville-based Goody's Family Clothing came and went...but lasted a bit longer. The retailer refitted the old French Quarter spot in 1995. The store was shuttered in February 2009.

In September 2016, TANGLEWOOD MALL was sold to a joint venture of Birmingham, Alabama's Blackwater Resources and Philadelphia's Lubert Adler. At this time, the shopping facility was anchored by Belk, J.C. Penney, T.J. Maxx, Staples and Stein Mart.

J.C. Penny, feeling the pinch from online retailing, announced the shuttering of one hundred and twenty mall-based stores in March 2017, with the TANGLEWOOD location placed on the proverbial chopping block. A liquidation sale commenced on April 17, with the store going dark in June of the same year.


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