Here we see a panoramic view of the lowcountry shopping hub. After a late '80s hurricane hit, the interior mallway was gutted and reconfigured as a Burlington Coat Factory. Remaining inline stores were given exterior entrances and the name of the complex changed from ASHLEY PLAZA MALL to ASHLEY LANDING.
Photo from / The Cordish Company

A.J. Wright was installed in the old Condon's spot, but was replaced by a Citi Trends store. This was shuttered in late 2015.
Photo from / The Cordish Company

A rendering of a renovated ASHLEY LANDING. The exterior was given a 2 million dollar facelift between 2014 and 2015.
Drawing from (Faison Enterprises)

In a circa-2017 site plan, we see the complex's new Frothy Beard Brewing Company and Zombie Bob's Pizza. This combo brewery and pizza restaurant opened in February 2017.