A rendering of the proposed STREETS AT METCALF mixed-use complex that was supposed to have replaced METCALF SOUTH CENTER. This plan was abandoned in 2008, primarily due to The Great Recession.
Drawing from www.thestreetsatmetcalf.com

A squabble between a new developer and Overland Park city planners slammed the brakes on CENTRAL SQUARE, a second redevelopment plan for the moribund METCALF SOUTH mall. This project was abandoned in 2015.
Drawing from http://www.lane4group.com (Lane4 Properties Group) 

The third time's a charm, they say. Here we see the Lowe's-anchored power center that (finally) replaced METCALF SOUTH CENTER. Plans for this redevelopment were approved in late 2016. Demolition of the mall commenced in April 2017.
Drawing from http://www.lane4group.com (Lane4 Properties Group) 

We conclude our METCALF SOUTH write-up with a site plan of the 95 METCALF SOUTH power center, which replaced the "vacant and dilapidated" mall in 2018. Unfortunately, the Sears shown here was not along for the ride.
Photo from http://www.lane4group.com (Lane4 Properties Group)