Broadway Stores, May Co. California's primary competitor, built their Moderne-style store right across the avenue. The "Broadway-Crenshaw" store, this chain's third branch, welcomed its first customers in November 1947.
Drawing from / The Los Angeles Times

BROADWAY-CRENSHAW CENTER, America's first regional-size, suburban shopping hub, was built along with The Broadway store. The facility originally encompassed only the southern half of the Crenshaw Boulevard development. May Company, and its adjacent store strip, were built as a separate entity, but were eventually operated as part of the BROADWAY-CRENSHAW complex.

By the 1980s, BROADWAY-CRENSHAW CENTER had been eclipsed by several newer, larger and fully-enclosed shopping venues in its trade area. Here we see a rather dowdy-looking Broadway-anchored section of the strip center, as it appeared in its final days.
Photo from (Richard Longsteth)

Most of the 1940s-vintage shopping center was demolished in the late 1980s, leaving its two anchors intact. These were worked into a 2-level, fully-enclosed mall, which extended over West Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and connected into the May Company store on the north side of the thoroughfare. A new name for the complex was bestowed; BALDWIN HILLS-CRENSHAW PLAZA.

A regional shopping center becomes a bona fide mall. The new BALDWIN HILLS-CRENSHAW PLAZA (indicated in medium gray) was officially dedicated in November 1988. It encompassed 850,000 leasable square feet and included a shiny new Sears, to compliment previously-existing May Co. and Broadway stores.