LLOYD CENTER underwent a 200 million renovation between 1988 and 1991. The mall proper was fully enclosed and an old Lipmans store, which had been added to the West Mall in 1972, was demolished and replaced by Nordstrom. Lamonts, in an old The Crescent space, had opened in 1988.

A circa-2006 view of the West Mall and Nordstrom entrance. The Seattle-based retailer would operate in this store space for over 24 years.
Photo from www.glimcher.com (Glimcher Realty Trust)

LLOYD CENTER Level 2 in 2014, just before a 50 million dollar, indoor-outdoor renovation got underway. At this time, it housed 1,472,000 leasable square feet, with a retail roster of one hundred and seventy-eight stores and services.