The "Levittowner" was the first of six different models of homes that would be built at the Pennsylvania development. Next would come The Rancher, The Jubilee, The Pennsylvanian, The Colonial and The Country Clubber. In 1952, the prospective home owner could get their new Levittowner for $10,990...or $67 per month.
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LEVITTOWN SHOP-A-RAMA (a.k.a. LEVITTOWN CENTER), the Keystone State's first mall-type complex, was completed in stages between 1953 and 1955. The open-air shopping hub incorporated 545,300 leasable square feet and sixty stores and services. Its ample parking area could hold 6,000 autos.

A vintage aerial of the facility, with the Pomeroy's anchor prominently positioned at its epicenter. In the mid-1950s, LEVITTOWN SHOP-A-RAMA was promoted as the largest shopping center east of the Mississippi. However, Detroit's NORTHLAND CENTER would actually have been much larger.
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