In 2009, STANFORD CENTER encompassed 1,475,000 leasable square feet and one hundred and forty stores and services. This was all quite a contrast to the humble, 548,000 square foot, forty-five store shopopolis of 53 years past. The most recent additions to the complex -indicated in gray- had been completed in 2001 and 2002.

The STANFORD CENTER Bloomingdale's relocated into this downsized (120,000 square foot) building in October of 2014. The new store is 140,000 square feet smaller than the original structure, which had housed the retailer since 1996. 
Drawing from (Simon Property Group)

A circa-2016 site plan shows the relocated Bloomingdale's and new section of inline stores (in gray) that replace the original building. The four new structures encompass 140,000 square feet, so the remodeled mall retains the 1,475,000 leasable square feet that it had before any reconstruction was done.