The second mall in Hawai'i was a privately-built venture. The first phase of WAI'ALAE CENTER, which was designed by renowned mall architect Victor Gruen, opened for business in November 1954...3 months after the dedication of MOANALUA CENTER. WAI'ALAE CENTER was rebuilt into the KAHALA MALL in 1969-1970.
Photo from / Peter T. Young   

The third mall in Hawai'i, ALA MOANA CENTER, opened in August 1959, as the territory was achieving statehood. The original complex, which was the Aloha State's first regional-size shopping venue, was 10 times the size of MOANALUA CENTER.
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot

Above we have a site plan of MOANALUA CENTER, as it was configured at the time of its first anniversary, in August 1955. In the original mall, only the Hukilau Restaurant was air-conditioned. Over the years, the 68,000 square foot shopping facility never had a major expansion. However, two small store blocks would be built in its two truck courts. 


FOODLAND supermarket / BEN FRANKLIN 5 & 10 (with luncheonette) / SAV-MOR DRUGS (with luncheonette) / B & G Jewelers & Opticians / Bernan's Dress Shop / Ed & Don's Candies / Elizabeth's Pastry Shop / Doctor Bernard Fong / Virginia Houston Insurance / Hukilau Restaurant & Bar / Johnny's Self-Service Chevron (outparcel) / Ka-Ma-Aina Shoes / Kapiolani Furniture & Appliance / Kay's Beauty Salon / La Madrid Shoe Repair / Moanalua Cleaners / Momi's Flower Shop / Pearl Harbor Driver's Association Taxis (outparcel) / Rainbow Gift Shop / Russell's Men's Shop / Tony's Barber Shop / Doctor H.T. Wong  / Watumull's