After several years of decline, a moribund McALISTER SQUARE was purchased by a public / private consortium in 1999. Greenville Technical College became the new owner of the three anchor store structures, with the Greenville Tech Foundation taking possession of all common mall area.
Graphic from (Greenville Technical College)

The south anchor box housed department stores operated by Meyers-Arnold (1968-1987) and Uptons (1987-1999). It morphed into the Greenville Technical College ARC (Admissions & Registration Center), which serves as a one-stop student orientation facility and bookstore.
Photo from (Greenville Technical College)

University Center of Greenville is part of today's multi-college satellite campus, which inhabits the old McALISTER SQUARE mall.
Graphic from (University Center Greenville)

University Center leases the north anchor structure, which formerly housed department stores operated by Ivey's (1968-1990) and Dillard's (1990-1995). Seven Upstate institutions of higher learning hold classes in the facility, which opened in 2001.
Photo from (University Center Greenville)