A turn of the century SHOPPINGTOWN layout. After umpteen renovations and expansions, the shopping center encompasses around 1,002,100 leasable square feet. The latest additions are a Hoyts 10-plex (October 1997) and Dick's Sporting Goods (October 2000).

The early years of the 21st century were rough for SHOPPINGTOWN. The Bon Ton closed in January 2006. Macerich defaulted on their mall loan in May 2011. Then came a rapid exodus of anchors; Macy's (May 2015), Dick's (October 2015) and J.C. Penney (April 2016). Meanwhile, the West Wing had been cleared of tenants in 2007 in anticipation of a renovation that never happened.

A site plan of a revitilized SHOPPINGTOWN. The bulk of the existing mall, now Penney-less, would be retained. Phase 1, a collection of exterior-entranced shoppes, line an expanded parking area on the west side of the new mixed-use complex. The east end of the site features new civic, residential, office and lodging facilities.
Original drawing from http://www.moonbeamproperty.com (Moonbeam Capital Investments)

A rendering of new lifestyle-like storefronts in a reconfigured, and now open-air, West Wing.
Drawing from http://www.moonbeamproperty.com (Moonbeam Capital Investments)