A site plan of a redeveloped SHOPPINGTOWN. The bulk of the existing mall, now Penney-less, would be retained. Phase 1, a collection of exterior-entranced shoppes, line an expanded parking area on the west side of the mixed-use complex. The east end of the site features new civic, residential, office and lodging facilities.
Original drawing from http://www.moonbeamproperty.com (Moonbeam Capital Investments)

A rendering of new lifestyle-like storefronts in a reconfigured, and now open-air, West Wing.
Drawing from http://www.moonbeamproperty.com (Moonbeam Capital Investments)

That beleaguered American mega-retailer announced plans to shutter their 23-year-old SHOPPINGTOWN store, which closed for good in July 2018. This left the mall, already on life support, with no anchor stores to sustain it. In spite of this, the mall's owner stresses that they intend to go ahead with a redevelopment of the property.
Graphic from www.sears.com