A contemporary view of said Streetscape and its mall entrance. The L.L. Bean store seen here was originally leased as a Foot Locker.
Photo from www.ggp.com (General Growth Properties)

That well-known, Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based retailer anchored PARAMUS PARK for over 43 years. The store pulled up stakes in February 2018.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Nightscream"

With the shuttering of Sears, 170,000 square feet were freed for redevelopment. Connecticut's Stew Leonard's, a supermarket chain known for its costumed staff and animatronic farm animals, signed on to open a store in the old Sears lower level.
Graphic from www.stewleonards.com

In a circa-2019 PARAMUS PARK plan, we see the configuration of the new supermarket. Encompassing 79,400 square feet, it opened for business in early 2019. The upper floor of the former Sears building has also been reconfigured as a Regal 12-plex, which is the first motion picture theater to ever operate in the mall.