Starting in the mid-1960s, and continuing into the 1970s,  the Mediterranean (a.k.a. Spanish) style was very much in vogue. Mediterranean decor emulated the interior design of dwellings in Spain, Greece and Italy. Lots of rich, dark woods were used, with ornate carvings. Geometric patters, ceramic tile and wrought iron were used extensively.

The popular color palette of the time was often called Earth Tone. Green, red, yellow and -above all- orange carried the day. Shopping mall interiors would be done darkly, with Earth Tone colors and very little, if any, exterior lighting.

Above and below we are examples of Mediterranean interior design. 
Drawing from the Oxnard-Press-Courier 

These renderings depict store fronts in Oxnard, California's THE ESPALANADE mall, which opened for business in 1970.
Drawing from the Oxnard-Press-Courier    


In the 1980s, shopping mall architecture evolved away from the concrete bunker-like exteriors and dimly-lit interiors of the 1970s. With the new Post Modern style, malls featured bright, skylit interiors, pastel color schemes and snazzy exterior details...vaguely reminiscent of classic architecture.

Two examples of Post-Modern architecture, as it was applied to mall-based department stores. In the first rendering is the original Dillard's at Baton Rouge's CORTANA MALL, which was officially dedicated in 1976. The rendering below depicts the Dillard's that anchored Tulsa's WOODLAND HILLS MALL, which also opened its doors in 1976.