Concord Pike / US 202 and Washington Avenue
New Castle County, Delaware

During the late 1960s, three mall-type centers were being developed in Delaware; BLUE HEN MALL, in Dover, and TRI-STATE MALL and CONCORD MALL, in the northern environs of Wilmington. The distinction of first fully-enclosed mall in the state is bestowed on BLUE HEN MALL, which was dedicated in August 1968.

CONCORD MALL was built on a 30.6 acre plot, located 4.5 miles north of Wilmington's city center. The shopping complex began with a 1-level (89,000 square foot) Almart. This freestanding discount store opened for business in October 1962.

Philadelphia's Rubenstein Company added a fully-enclosed shopping center to the north side of the existing Almart. The first phase of CONCORD MALL, encompassing 150,000 square feet and twenty-four stores and services, was dedicated in March 1969. Tenants included Docktor Pet Center, Lofts Candies, Storm's, Singer Sewing Center, Donuts Galore, Fabric Tree, Farmers Bank, Thrift Drugs and an F.W. Woolworth 5 & 10.

A 79,000 square foot convenience center, at the north end of the site, made up the second stage of the mall's development. It housed a (38,000 square foot) Pathmark supermarket and single-screen Budco Concord Mall Cinema. The movie house showed its first feature February 11, 1970.

CONCORD MALL was completed with a third, and final, phase. This northward addition to the mall proper consisted of thirty-five inline stores, a 3-level (70,000 square foot) office building and 2-level (175,100 square foot) Pottstown, Pennsylvania-based Pomeroy's. The department store opened its doors October 6, 1972. With its completion, CONCORD MALL encompassed approximately 670,000 leasable square feet and over sixty stores and services.

The aforementioned TRI-STATE MALL {6 miles east, in New Castle County} had been dedicated in 1969. In 1978, CONCORD was joined by a much larger retail rival. CHRISTIANA MALL {11.3 miles south, also in New Castle County} encompassed over 800,000 leasable square feet.

As a keeping up with CHRISTIANA measure, a face lift remodeling was done to CONCORD MALL in 1981. By this time, the cinema had been divided into two auditoria and renamed the Budco Concord Mall Twin.

A more ambitious mall renovation was completed later in the 1980s. This added a 2-level (150,000 square foot), Philadelphia-based Strawbridge & Clothier, which was built in front of the mall's main entrance. This store began business August 11, 1983. CONCORD MALL now encompassed approximately 820,000 leasable square feet.

Almart had closed and re-opened, as a Jefferson Ward, in July 1980. This store was shuttered October 31, 1985 and soon re-opened as a Braintree, Massachusetts-based Bradlees discount mart. This operation lasted until 1989. The vacant Almart / Bradlees was demolished in 1990. A 2-level (175,000 square foot) Sears was built, which was dedicated September 22, 1992.

Meanwhile, the Pomeroy's store had closed and re-opened, as a Reading, Pennsylvania-based Boscov's on August 10, 1987. In March 1995, Strawbridge & Clothier opened a 3-level (52,000 square foot) Home Furniture Store in the former CONCORD MALL office building. This became a Macy's Home Store when the Strawbridge's anchor was "Macy-ated" on September 9, 2006. Meanwhile, Woolworth had been shuttered on July 17, 1997.

Another major competitor came on the scene in 1999. BRANDYWINE TOWN CENTER {1 mile north, in New Castle County} was a lifestyle-format complex with 870,000 leasable square feet.

CONCORD MALL is currently owned and operated by Wilmington-based Allied Properties, who acquired the complex in December 1998. In the Twenty-tens, two sit-down restaurants were installed in existing store space. Bonefish Grill served its first meals September 15, 2014, with Grub Burger Bar opening on June 2, 2015.


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