A circa-2009 site plan of PEMBROKE MALL. Renovations done between 2002 and 2007 reduced the size of the mall proper by 90,000 square feet, but added new bistros and a bank to the front parking lot.

In the summer of 2011, the Pembroke 8 multiplex was demolished. Construction soon got underway on a new Target store. It opened for business in October 2012.
Photo from https://pembrokemall.com

The mall's front-facing facade was given an extensive renovation as the new Target was being constructed. The new Main Entrance, depicted here, was completed in March 2013.
Drawing from http://www.madisonmarquette.com

A 2012-2013 renovation rebuilt the former Food Court with new stores (indicated in dark gray). In 2015-2016, Sears downsized its footprint. The ground level was divided four ways. Sears remained in 48,500 square feet and was joined by Nordstrom Rack, DSW Shoe Warehouse and The Fresh Market. The Sears Auto Center was rebuilt as an REI (Recreational Equipment International).