The plan above depicts NORTHLAND CENTER as it stood 20 years after the 1957 layout. By the late 1970s, the complex had been expanded to the west, north and south. Moreover, there are now several freestanding buildings in its periphery. These include the Northland Office Building, Famous-Barr Tire Center, Brod-Dugan Paints (a relocation of the in-mall store) and Northland Cinema.


FAMOUS-BARR (with The Jade Room, Dining Deck and Pick-Quick Room restaurants, Beauty Salon and freestanding Tire Center ) / S.S. KRESGE 5 & 10 (with luncheonette) / WALGREEN DRUG (with luncheonette) / SCHNUCKS supermarket (outparcel) / Artiste Hair Stylists / Baker's Shoes / Brod-Dugan Paints (outparcel) / Coats & Things / Cove Lounge / Fotomat / Goodyear Tire & Auto / Grove Jewelers / Hickory Farms of Ohio / Kinney Shoes / Lerner Shops / Libson Shops / Maico Hearing Aids / Mavrakos Candy Company / Music Center / Musicland / National Shirts Shops / Northland Barber Shop / Northland Bowl / Northland Cinema (outparcel) / Northland Key Shop / Northland Mark Twain Bank / Northland Shoe Repair / Northland Shell (outparcel) / Northland Texaco (outparcel) / Parklane Hosiery / Pope's Cafeteria / Radio Shack / Rafferty's Card Shop / Robin's Shoes / Service Travel / Singer Sewing Center / Slack Shack / So-Fro Fabrics / Specialty Shops / St. Louis Federal Savings / Star of India / Staten Island Cleaners / US Post Office / Venus / Vincent Price Studios / Waldenbooks / Waterway Gas & Wash (outparcel) / Wehmueller's Jewelers / Worths 

NORTHLAND began to falter in the 1980s. By the mid-1990s, most major stores had closed. By the late '90s, a bulldozer brigade was advocating demolition of the "obsolete" -but historically significant- structure. It was razed in 2005 and replaced by BUZZ WESTFALL PLAZA (seen above). As they say, what goes around comes around. The Target, anchoring this "new & improved" shopping hub, closed for good in August 2016.
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