The Main Entrance, as it was configured between 1987 and 2016. It was rebuilt as part of a Twenty-tens exterior face lift.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Roseohioresident"

A rendering showing how said entrance would appear after all construction dust settled in late 2016.
Drawing from Starwood Capital Group / Starwood Retail Partners 

The back side Food Court Entrance, also added to the mall in 1987, was not substantially rebuilt during the 2016 refurbishment, but new signage was installed.
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In 2013, the Westfield Group sold their three Buckeye State malls; BELDEN VILLAGE, GREAT NORTHERN {outside Cleveland} and FRANKLIN PARK {in Toledo}. The official name of the Greater Canton complex reverted back to BELDEN VILLAGE MALL. During 2017, the center was expanded for the first time since 1995. A two-unit restaurant block (in gray) was built in the northeast truck court.