The WESTFIELD SHOPPINGTOWN EASTLAND sign, which was a familiar sight to those travelling on "The 10" during the late 1990s and early 2000s, .
Photo From Jeff Arellano

The former Levitz Furniture, which faced the upper / north parking lot. In the original EASTLAND, it was shared by three stores, one being Bond Clothes. Today the store space is occupied by WalMart.
Photo from Jeff Arellano

The southern-facing, lower level stores in today's EASTLAND. This area was the circa-'57 mall's Lower Esplanade.
Photo from Jeff Arellano

By 2014, the shopping hub has shaken off its Westfield trappings and reemerged as EASTLAND CENTER. Tenant-wise, much has changed since the circa-2000 plan. Hobby Lobby, DSW Shoe Warehouse, and Ashley Furniture HomeStore have taken vacated store space. WalMart assumed the old Mervyn's and Levitz places in 2012.