EASTGATE MALL ceased to exist in a retail capacity in the Twenty-tens. It was auctioned off in 2007...but was not demolished or repurposed as just another power center. The complex was extensively renovated and remade into a technical park and data center. In this rendering, we see the structure and its 4 megawatt solar power array. This commenced operation in April 2014.
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East Washington Street / US 40 and North Shadeland Avenue
Marion County (Indianapolis), Indiana

The first mall-type shopping center in the Hoosier State was designed by Welton Becket & Associates of Los Angeles and Indianapolis' C. Wilbur Foster & Associates. Developed by Indy's Arthur L. Frankel, EASTGATE CENTER was built on a 40.6 acre parcel, located 5 miles east of downtown Indianapolis. At the time of its completion, the complex was located in a section of unincorporated Marion County known as Warren Township.

EASTGATE CENTER was officially dedicated March 18, 1957. Officiating at the grand opening was Indiana Governor Harold W. Handley (R). The 385,000 square foot shopopolis was anchored by a 2-level (100,000 square foot), Indianapolis-based H.P. Wasson & Company and 1-level (23,100 square foot) J.C. Penney.

The open-air shopping hub consisted of an upper retail level, whose stores fronted on a 1,200 foot mall. A section of lower level stores was accessed from the north end of the complex. Several tenants had fallout shelters along the lower floor.

A listing of fifty-six charter tenants includes Richman Brothers men's & boy's wear, Craig's Candies, Hook Drug, Sears Catalog & Appliance, Thom McAn Shoes, Kinney Shoes, Harry Levinson's men's wear, Hudson's men's wear, National Shirt Shops, Morrison's ladies' wear, Lerner Shops and Sam's Subway Buffeteria.

There were also G.C. Murphy and F.W. Woolworth 5 & 10s, offices for Citizens Gas & Coke Utility and a Standard Foods supermarket. A kiddie ride amusement area known as Wonderland was situated in the shopping center's north parking lot.

EASTGATE was followed, in 1958, by GLENDALE CENTER {7 miles northwest, in Marion County}. In 1970, the Unigov consolidation of Indianapolis and Marion County into one political jurisdiction brought EASTGATE CENTER and GLENDALE CENTER into Indiana's capital.

Soon after, the General Cinema Corporation Eastgate Mall Cinema I & II was built as a southwestern outparcel of the mall. The venue showed its first features June 28, 1974.

In April 1974, WASHINGTON SQUARE {3 miles east, in Indianapolis} was dedicated. It wasn't long before tenants were moving to the newer and more modern facility. This prompted the owners of EASTGATE to enclose the 18-year-old shopping center.

In spite of this major renovation, EASTGATE was in rapid decline. Penney's and Sears had moved to WASHINGTON SQUARE and area demographics had changed. The Wassons department store closed in April 1980.

The mall was sold to Indianapolis-based Melvin Simon & Associates (today's Simon Property Group) in 1981. A second renovation was done. This time around, the exterior was given a face lift, with most of the parking lot entrances to stores being sealed-off.

The complex, now known as EASTGATE CONSUMER MALL, was repositioned as a value-oriented shopping center. Burlington Coat Factory was recruited to fill the empty Wassons space. Kittles Room Express moved into the old supermarket. The existing movie house was expanded into the Eastgate Mall 6, which held its grand opening May 19, 1987.

The novel concept of an "outlet mall" did well for a time. However, by the early 2000s, the aging EASTGATE had declined into a dead mall once again. The cinema went dark January 9, 2004, with the entire shopping center being shuttered June 30 of the same year. At the time, many thought the mall would be demolished.

However, in May 2008, the property was acquired by a joint venture of Carmel, Indiana-based Lifeline Data Centers and Kingsport, Pennsylvania-based Mark Development. A 50 million dollar renovation commenced in July 2008. The moribund mall was renamed LIFELINE DATA CENTER EASTGATE CAMPUS. It became a technical park and data center.

The first renovation phase, completed in mid-2009, involved the conversion of the Wassons / Burlington Coat Factory building into a supercomputer facility. Phase two got underway in late 2009. The mall concourse was remade into low cost office spaces, a church and catering company. The renovated complex now housed 450,000 square feet of data center and office space.


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