A circa-2001 interior view of EASTGATE CONSUMER MALL. By this time, Dunham's Sports was one of the major stores in the complex.
Photo from www.labelscar.com / "Prange Way"

An early 2000s exterior photo shows the mall's "D" Entrance, which was on its south end. Back in the early days, J.C. Penney would have been on the right.
Photo from "IndyMallGuy"

Another exterior view shows the "A" Entrance, on the north end of the mall. The Wassons / Burlington Coat Factory building is on the right.
Photo from "IndyMallGuy"

EASTGATE MALL ceased to exist in a retail capacity in the twenty-tens. It was auctioned off in 2007...but was not demolished or repurposed as -yet- another power center. The mall was extensively renovated and rebuilt into a technical park and data center.
Drawing from http://www.businesswire.com